Business Ideas – Big Dream, Small Finance

Peter is just another guy who dreamed of opening a restaurant all his life. He was an amazing cook when it comes to cooking. But dreaming of the financial investment for it was a nightmare. So one day, he thought hard. He thought harder. Harder and harder. Finally he decided that he will stop letting the nightmare to mess him up and stop him from his future as a businessman.

What next? He now had an idea!!! 🙂 He started saving some money from his Tax returns and made some delicious southern-style pies around winter holidays, and sold them at a fare rate. The pies became a hit. The talk of the winter.

A similar story relates to Eden Reff, the Director of Artistic Edibles, a HOME BASED catering company in Mount Rainier. As discussed in my earlier blog posts, starting a home based business is an ideal and the most inexpensive way for fresh entrepreneurs. Henry J. Turner, executive director of the Small Business Development Center Network at Howard University says,”If you have a talent that others are willing to pay you for, the business start-up phase is usually easy. The easiest home based business  to start are janitorial and technological services”.

This does not mean that starting a small business is cost-free. You are required to do an analysis on the cash flows for the first 12 months, to be able to analyze what and how much you will need to spend from sources like personal finances. I DO NOT recommend credits. Well, for credits, there’s another session.

So here are some ripe business ideas you can start with.

1. Tutoring: This is real simple, and self understandable. Are you very good in something? well then you should get started. Help others by giving out your knowledge. They will help you earn 🙂

2. Hair Care/Makeup: Are you a makeup freak? You cannot live home without it? Fashion is your hobby? then make an advert right away. Lookout for some ongoing or upcoming weddings and events.

3. Child Care: Do you love children? Do you admire their innocence? Many working parents need childcare. A good start for you. Start telling your near ones about it. Personal networking is really important.

4. Catering: Does your family love it when you cook for them? A home based catering is what I am talking about. Actually, this is what I started my post with. Start small, grow bigger. This is one of the most inexpensive way of building a clientele and test recipes. Start looking out for small events and go talk with the organizer. What you need is a confident way of talking.

5. Event Planning: This is one of the most successful home based business in Kenya. Birthday parties, wedding, business gatherings, graduations and so much more. Events occur on a daily basis. This reminds me, I was at the Panari Hotel yesterday. A place where you rarely see people. But to my amazement, I saw three events taking place at the same time, each event consisting of about 500 participants. This means work for 3 event planners.

Afrikeniyan6. Tourism: This is an interesting one. If you love traveling and exploring the nature, this is the one for you. Explore some amazing places around you and start offering Tour services to people. Start small. If your service is A+ grade, word of mouth will work best for you. This is exactly how Al-Anwar and I, The Directors of Afrikeniyan Tours and Safaris, started the company. Today, Afrikeniyan has the Best deals in town for exploring the breathtaking Maasai Mara (Kenya).

7. Computer Services: You are a computer geek. You know how to fix a computer or develop a software. The business industry needs expertise for fixing a computer onsite. Working as a freelance technician or developer is a good start for you.

8. Graphic Designer: Remember the Paint application you used to draw crazy stuff? You got inspired with it and today you know a lot about designing. It could be to design a poster or a logo. This one needs you to be as creative as possible. You could offer cheap design rates to start up companies for a start. This will enable you to learn a lot more as you progress.

These are ust some of the good ideas. I will be uploading more and more. So you start following this post. Let me know what you are starting up with, not necessarily from the above.

And finally, here’s a tip: Make sure you have a business plan before you start. “The reason a large number of small businesses don’t survive beyond three years is the lack of financial and marketing planning”, says Turner.


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